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07 April 2007 @ 12:56 am
fic: this is the cure: the same as the symptom.  
this is the cure: the same as the symptom.
my chemical romance, frank/mikey, worksafe, 1990words.
the title and all the text in front of the numbers are from jawbreaker's dear you album.

betaed by cobrasnaps who was serenading me with at least fifty metallica songs as I wrote a My Chemical Romance fic.

I. white noise in black room dust.

There's a pause in the music somewhere, a break that it's supposed to be but it creaks through anyway. Something slight, almost not even there, but it's still unsettling.

Frank is on his back, eyes closed, fingers flying down the neck of the guitar. Gerard shakes his head and says that he's just imagining things again.


II. if you don't ask, I won't upset you.

When Frank goes home the first time, Gerard is the one that drives him to the airport. The rest of the band gets a hotel that night, and Mikey has to find something to get his mind off of everything, so Bob takes him and they explore the halls.

It's a pretty nice hotel, considering most others they've been to. The wallpaper is vivid and kind of overwhelming, giving Mikey a headache if he looks at it too long. Bob somehow feels the need to go through all of the chairs in the lobby, discussing excitedly about the level of comfort of each of them. They get to a purple one, and bright and seemingly made of what looks like satin.

"God, it's just. Fucking. Feel."

Mikey runs his fingers over the fabric and makes a face. "It feels cheap," he says, and Bob's face falls for a moment before returning to normal.

"They're a hell of a lot better than most of the ones in here. Plus, you haven't even sat on it yet."

He chooses then to grab at Mikey's hand and pull him into his lap, and Mikey's eyes widen as he almost misses and grabs frantically for the arm to keep from crashing on the ground. Bob shifts and gives Mikey room on the chair, looking at him with an expectant look. "Well?"

Mikey gives a sigh and a slight bounce. It isn't anything special, really. Hell, it's a fucking chair. He almost says this aloud, and stops when he sees the hopeful look on Bob's face.

"It's - well." He bites his bottom lip. "It's a nice chair, I guess."

Bob rolls his eyes. "Christ, you're no fun. I'm going to get Ray. He'll agree with me, I bet you."

He runs off before Mikey can say anything. "Yeah, sure," he calls out after him, but Bob has already disappeared behind the corner, in a flash of black against that fucking wallpaper. He leans back against the chair and brings his legs up, watching Bob as he boards the glass elevators, his back to Mikey.

There's next to no one in the lobby, save for a woman at the front desk and a pair of businessmen conspiring about something in front of the revolving doors. The clock in the corner clicks loudly over the air conditioner, and Mikey wonders how it got so late.


Mikey looks over his shoulder, and Gerard is back, his face wet and his clothes darker than they were when he left. Mikey didn't even realize until now that it had been raining.

"Hey yourself." Gerard sinks down onto the couch on the other side of the lobby's main sitting area, and he looks exhausted. "Did he get on the plane okay? Everything's alright?" Mikey examines his face, and he wonders if Gerard has been crying or not. He quickly concludes that the answer is no.

"Yeah, he's fine. It was a little crowded, but everything is going to be perfect. Definitely," Gerard smiles. He gives a sideways glance as he finally looks up at Mikey. "Hey, are you okay?"

Mikey reaches up and wipes his eyes. Oh, he had been the one crying. "Yeah, yeah. No, I'm okay."


III. all my friends know better but I can't quite hear them.

When Frank comes back the first time, they all go to the airport to pick him up. Mikey glances up from his sidekick for the slightest moment everytime an announcement is made on the loudspeaker, and at the last one, Gerard thumps him on the arm with a fist.

"Yes, that's his flight!" he says, his eyes alight with excitement. Mikey can't help but give a little smile, and he adds a few more letters to his text before slipping his sidekick into his pocket.

He can't help but get distracted while waiting; he can see two girls in the corner pointing and whispering, one of them wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt and Mikey hopes to fuck that they don't come over, but he smiles and waves anyway. They give twin shrieks and wave back, and Mikey would have gone to talk to them, but Ray nudges him with a hip and gestures to the doors at the terminal.

Gerard gives a loud cry and runs over to Frank, jumps on top of him with his arms over Frank's shoulders before he realizes that it's probably not the best of ideas. Frank grabs onto his thighs and knocks into Bob, who is steadying them both so no one falls over. Ray is at the other side of them, his hand ruffling Frank's hair.

Mikey stays back, though he's not really sure why. The two girls are pointing at the scene the other guys are making and giving approving smiles, and he can swear he hears one of them saying something about wisdom teeth.

After Gerard calms down for a minute, he grabs Frankie's carry ons and leads everyone to the baggage claim, chattering on and on about happenings on the tour.

"So like, we're in the middle of doing Cemetery Drive, Ray comes up behind be, and I'm totally into the song, right?" he narrates, his hands flailing as he talks. "So at that point, I had kind of forgotten that he was there. So he puts his chin on my shoulder, and I fucking jump."

Frank laughs, looking happier than Mikey suspects that he's looked in a while. Gerard continues, "So my shoulder kind of shoots back, and he bites his tongue pretty hard. There wasn't much blood, but it was something."

Ray gives a glare, but he's smiling too. "I couldn't sing any backup for the rest of the night. It all kind of came out like I had cotton in my mouth."

Gerard gives a wide smile and pats him good-naturedly on the back, and Frank laughs again. The sound reverberates around Mikey's ears for a while and he realizes that he's missed Frank more than he initially thought.

When they reach the baggage claim, Gerard searches around for the familiar sight of Frank's suitcase, and Frank sits on a bench with Mikey. He shifts to the side, nudging Mikey's shoulder with his own, and Mikey looks up.

"Hey, I missed you," Frank smiles slightly. Mikey can see the bags under his eyes and the lines around his face around his grin. He looks a little tired, but a lot better. His neck is still red from Gerard's arms. Mikey feels something squirm in his stomach and he has no idea what the fuck it is, but it keeps happening whenever he looks into Frank's eyes.

He opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted when Gerard's voice rings out from a few feet away, screaming "I found it!" while holding Frank's suitcase triumphantly in his hands. Bob takes it from him and runs, inciting a chase that ends on the ground, at Frank and Mikey's feet. Ray is jogging to keep up with him, shaking his head like an older brother.

"Now now children, if you keep acting up, I'm turning this car around without ice cream!"

When they leave, Frankie takes big, exaggerated steps to keep up with Mikey. He gets to his side, bumps his hand into Mikey's own. He does that the rest of the way to the car.


IV. if you can't be the life of the party, you'll be the death of everyone.

Mikey is sure that Gerard would be the one rooming with Frank at the hotel, judging by how much he knows they've missed each other. But when Mikey's head snaps up at the sound of a keycard being slipped inside of the lock on his door, it's Frank that peers his head in, grinning like a cat. "Hey, roomie."

Mikey shuts the television off and lets the remote plop onto the bed, looking up at Frank with wide eyes. "Hey, you. I thought you were rooming with Gerard?"

"Nah, he's with Bob and Ray. There's two beds and a pull-out in there, I think."

"Oh." Mikey watches as Frank throws his things into a corner, crosses the room and lands onto Mikey's bed beside him, reaching over his waist to grab the fallen remote and click the TV on. "Anything interesting on?"

It's strangely normal and familiar, the warmth radiating from Frank's side and the smile on his face and the cool glow and fuzzy sounds of the television against the wall. Like, you'd never walk into the room and see that they had gone a few weeks without speaking to each other. Mikey had texted Frank about every other day, and Gerard gave them all reports on how things were going because he called every night, but it hadn't been the same.

"No, nothing," he says. He didn't get it. He should be able to say something, anything. He normally couldn't shut his mouth, and usually said things that he didn't mean or things that he shouldn't have said in the first place and now he's sitting in the same bed as one of his best friends who he hasn't properly spoken to in weeks, and he can't find anything to say. Frank seems fine with it, though. He seems to understand. He sighed and turned the TV off, tossing the remote to the foot of the bed.

"So, how have you been?"

Mikey looks up at him and gives a tight-lipped smile. "Okay, I guess. Same shit, different day." He looks up and Frank is staring at him, eyes warm and questioning. "I guess - I just missed you, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." Frank's face is closer now, much closer than before. "Believe me, I know."

They look at each other for a few minutes, and Frank leans in and kisses Mikey. It's slow and easy, Frank's lips are soft and inviting, not pushing at all. Mikey hesitates for a second before lifting his hand from the bed to curl in Frank's hair, settling on the back of his neck.

It's not the first time this has happened. Not by a long shot. Mikey can remember other times when he was tipsy and Frank was still pumped up with the energy from the last show, and Frank would kiss Mikey, frantic and bubbly. This was different, in both the feel and pace. Frank's hand is set on Mikey's stomach, his fingers brushing where his shirt has ridden up, tips barely scraping the skin on Mikey's waistline.

They fall asleep like that, Mikey's face in Frank's neck and Frank's fingers brushing skin.


V. what's the closest you can come to an almost total wreck and still walk away, all limbs intact?

They've all fought their battles. They've all gotten through them together. Frank's hand brushing his face confirms this in him.

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wow, totally67 on April 7th, 2007 05:22 am (UTC)
mmm. this makes me happy. it has this warm feeling at the end that's just...mmm. :)
let's write stories together.: gerard; :3argyletheme on April 12th, 2007 12:26 pm (UTC)
:)! Thank you!
emily_copyright: slashemily_copyright on April 7th, 2007 05:37 am (UTC)
Very good thing.
I think you picked a winner for a first post.
let's write stories together.: mcr; hearts like hand grenadesargyletheme on April 12th, 2007 12:27 pm (UTC)
<3 thank you!
ha ha you're dead.whatsername_d on April 7th, 2007 06:15 am (UTC)
Very nice. I love Mikey here, he's just so cute.
Believe in the  » I M P O S S I B L E «: Mikeyfacehollow_strife on April 7th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
Aw very cute! Extremly! Mikey's so cute in this one. Very good job, seriously.
let's write stories together.: mcr; you can't touch my brotherargyletheme on April 12th, 2007 12:28 pm (UTC)
:D thanks for reading and enjoying! ♥
Ninja Princess Bobmikeyface on April 7th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
You already know i love this, and YOU and YOU COMPLETE ME!!!!! :)

vinylsigns on April 7th, 2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
Nice to see someting could drag you away from the TDS/TCR fandom, argyletheme :P This was definitely a wonderful start ♥
let's write stories together.: tds; the calm before the stormargyletheme on April 12th, 2007 12:25 pm (UTC)
If there was anything that could tear me away from that mindfuck of a fandom, it's My Chemical Romance. :P
vinylsigns on April 12th, 2007 01:48 pm (UTC)
We can't seem to get away from the RPS, can we? XD